SPP is promoted by Mr.P.C.Hanimi Reddy and like minded people in order to provide top class services for Telecom Infrastructure companies. Each individual is well established in their respective fields with expertise honed with many individual years of personal and professional experience.

The company was established in the year 2013 as a partnership firm named M/s Sri Progressive Projects to cater quality services to telecom infrastructure/services companies. With the ever-changing needs, and stringent deadlines to be met, coupled with market requirement, services need to be simplified and specifically defined and must be linked to each other and to the market efficiently and securely. SPP has come up with the unique idea of integrating several individual service units within itself to provide to every simple service need to enhance customer satisfaction, through Cost controlled productive service solutions.

Key Person's

Mr.P.C.Hanimi Reddy – Managing Director
Has a Diploma in Mining Technology and has been involved in Infrastructure development related services for the past Fifteen years. He is the driving force behind the company and has established the company as a one of its kind, providing all services related to Infrastructure development.

Mr. D. N Srinivasa Reddy – Business Development & Finance
Mr. D. N Srinivasa Reddy is who brings with him vast experience from Inception to execution of Telecom, projects Pan India and Abroad. He is well versed in all Telecom business aspects of various projects.

Mr. Kiran Kummar MR– CEO 
Mr. Kiran kumar is a senior professional with 20 years of experience in relevant field and worked with all major infrastructure/service providers such Aster,Icomm,Enertech e.t.c., involved in techno commercial aspects of various projects

Mr. VSKUMAR TAMMINEEDI is having professional experience of 15 years in transmission and distribution , telecom and construction and worked with multi national companies such as Aster, Teracom , Alandick & Co, TVS & Son’s etc and involved in Techno commercial and in project management for various projects.

Mrs. Anuradha. B – Operations manager
Mrs. Anuradha is in-charge of our project operations. Anuradha brings with her an experience of more than 12 years in infrastructure development and project management and is involved in all aspects of the project cycle of our management.